No Subscription Fees

No dues or subscription fees of any kind. All it takes is setting up a FREE account to start placing orders on the Blue Fetch web app. It's the easiest way to get the building materials you need delivered to your jobsite quickly!

No Minimum Purchase Amount

All orders are eligible for delivery no matter the size. Whether you need a small box of screws or a large load of lumber, you can count on Blue Fetch to get it delivered to your jobsite FAST!

Clear & Up Front Pricing

You will always know what you're paying for the building products and delivery up front. Each delivery fee is calculated and displayed at checkout so you'll always know exactly what you're paying before submitting payment.
No Subscription Fees

No dues or subscription fees of any kind. You only pay when you use our service.

No Minimum Orders

We don't require you to spend over a certain amount to get delivery. If you need a $2.00 item to finish the job, we'll get it to you!

Clear & Up Front Pricing

You'll know exactly what you're paying for both materials and delivery fees before you submit each order.

Building Materials Delivered Fast

Building Materials Delivered Fast

Time is money! Missing building materials or tools on a jobsite is a production killer. Blue Fetch was designed to help contractors and project managers get the last minute or forgotten building supplies to the jobsite quickly. Browse our extensive inventory covering all building trades including lumber, roofing, drywall, and more.

Delivery fees are based on the type of vehicle needed to carry the building materials and the distance between the supplier and your jobsite (delivery address). Once you set up your FREE account and enter the jobsite, you will be able to add products to the shopping cart. When you confirm your cart, delivery fees will be calculated and displayed prior to order confirmation so you'll always know the cost up front.

Upon order completion, Blue Fetch will source the materials from the closest supplier in our network to your jobsite. This allows us to keep our delivery fees as low as possible. Once product availability is confirmed by the supplier, a Blue Fetch driver will be dispatched to pick up the materials and deliver them to your jobsite, typically in under two hours!

How much are delivery fees?

How much are delivery fees?

The biggest factors in calculating delivery fees are what type of vehicle we need to transport the building supplies ordered and the mileage from the supplier(s) to your jobsite. The fees for an order that can be safely delivered in a small car will be less than one that requires a trailer. Product weights and sizes are used to determine what delivery class will be required. Delivery fees will be calculated once all products are in your shopping cart and a jobsite address is entered.

Fetch Lite


Building materials that are small enough to fit in a car and stay under a total weight of 300 lbs.

Common materials like screws, building hardware, and electrical devices.

Fetch Heavy


Building materials that are too large or weigh too much for a car to handle.

Typical materials include plywood, drywall, and asphalt shingles.

Fetch XL


Building materials with extended length or heavier loads.

Typical materials include baseboards, vinyl siding, and larger amounts of concrete.

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Our Building Supplies

Our Building Supplies

Blue Fetch has building materials for all trades in one place. No more calling around to multiple suppliers to check on availability. An easy to use web application puts all the construction materials you need in the palm of your hand.

We have established relationships with a variety of material suppliers throughout Tampa Bay to build an extensive inventory. This coupled with same day delivery service in Pinellas, Pasco, and Hillsborough counties provides our customers with unbeatable selection and service!

Our mobile friendly web application makes it easy to navigate and find the building supplies you need. The ability to save multiple jobsites and easy checkout gets you back to your project quickly.

Our Delivery Service

Our Delivery Service

Blue Fetch's top priority is to deliver the building supplies you need when you need them. Schedule deliveries in advance or take advantage of our ASAP delivery option (typically under 2 hours) available for jobsites anywhere in Pinellas, Pasco, and Hillsborough counties.

A large network of dependable drivers located throughout Tampa Bay give Blue Fetch the ability to handle a high volumn of daily material deliveries efficiently.

To handle orders both large and small, Blue Fetch manages a variety of vehicles & trailers. We are capable of delivering anything from a gallon of paint to drywall to 20 ft. long lumber.

Blue Fetch Web Store

Blue Fetch Web Store

Place orders day or night with Blue Fetch's easy to use web application available on both mobile and desktop. Find all the construction materials you need categorized by building trade or use our search feature.

Saving multiple jobsites and the option to save products for later make ordering fast and easy.

No more chasing down your employees for the receipts from material purchases. Businesses have the ability to add a receipt email that will automatically email an itemized receipt to your bookkeeper or project manager on every order. You can also always go back and view previous orders.

Let's Build Together

Let's Build Together

It's imperative for all of us here at Blue Fetch to provide our customers with an unbeatable experience on every order. Technology enhances our service, but we believe in building strong relationships with our customers.

Once you set up your free account, you will be assigned a dedicated account representative. This account rep will be your go to contact for any questions regarding available building supplies, past and future orders, current deliveries, or anything else that may come up.

Learn more about us here. We look forward to earning your business one order at a time!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Blue Fetch is an online delivery service for construction materials. We partner with local building materials suppliers to bring contractors, tradesmen, builders, and laborers what they need to finish jobs faster.

Blue Fetch is located in Clearwater, FL and currently operates in the Tampa Bay area. This includes Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Pasco Counties. From New Tampa to St. Petersburg, Blue Fetch delivers!

Blue Fetch only delivers high-quality building materials. We have built strong relationships with material suppliers in the Tampa Bay region. We add inventory stocked at each supplier to our website . This gives builders the ability to easily order building supplies for all trades on a single website.

Absolutely. You can request a courier through our web portal and a driver will be routed to you. Real time status updates of courier deliveries will keep you in the know!