Opportunity Through Partnership

Blue Fetch is always looking to develop relationships with local building suppliers to better serve the builders and contractors that use our service.

No Costs or Contracts

There are absolutely no costs associated with working with Blue Fetch or required legal contracts.

Access to Blue Fetch Courier Services

Take advantage of reasonably priced courier service to supplement your existing delivery capabilities.

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How Blue Fetch Works

Blue Fetch gives contractors in the field the option to get building materials delivered quickly, typically within 2 hours. Contractors enter their jobsite location and purchase the building supplies they need through our online store.

Orders are then sent to our partner suppliers in close proximity to the jobsite for fulfillment of the materials. Once the availability of ordered materials is confirmed by the supplier, drivers will be routed to that location to complete the pick up and delivery to the contractors jobsite.

Why Work with Blue Fetch

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Capture New Customers

Generate sales from customers that don't typically shop with you. Adding some or all of your inventory to the Blue Fetch web store will provide an online presence exposing your building products to a large new customer base.

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The Rise of Ecommerce

Consumers are changing the way they shop. Online shopping is becoming more prevalent for everyday purchases including building supplies. Adding your products to the Blue Fetch web store will help you start taking advantage of this emerging market.

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Convenience is King

Multiple locations and product variety have given the big home improvement centers the edge in convenience. Reclaim that edge and capture market share by teaming up with Blue Fetch. It doesn't get more convenient than same day jobsite delivery!

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Expanded Customer Service

Provide your existing customers with expanded delivery options by taking advantage of Blue Fetch's courier service. Get immediate delivery quotes when you submit a request in our easy to use online courier request.

What Do We Need From Our Building Supply Partners?

accurate inventory pricing

Accurate Inventory Pricing

It is vital to have the most up-to-date pricing for all the building supplies that are available on the Blue Fetch web store. The majority of the time, our developers can set up automation to integrate with your existing inventory management software. If not possible, you will also have the ability to manually update pricing by importing a spreadsheet as needed.

fast order confirmations

Fast Order Confirmations

When an order is routed to your location, you will receive your choice of an email, text, or phone call to notify you of a pending order. We ask that you confirm material availability by clicking an Approve Button in your vendor portal. This will prompt a Blue Fetch driver to be routed to you for pickup.

expedited order fulfillment

Expedited Order Fulfillment

Delivering the customers building supplies quickly and accurately is our top priority. To achieve this, we need your team to pull the materials as quickly as possible to be ready when our driver arrives for pickup.

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Blue Fetch Vendor Portal

There's no need to purchase any hardware or software. Our simple web based vendor portal gives you access to everything you need to work with Blue Fetch!

  • View and confirm all products for orders routed to your location with a couple of clicks
  • Chat with the Blue Fetch support staff at any time
  • View and manage all of the building materials you have available on the Blue Fetch web store
  • Request Blue Fetch courier services and track delivery progression

How do you start working with Blue Fetch?

Blue Fetch is a technology-based service, but people are our most valuable assets. The first step in this process is to meet with your dedicated SRM or Supplier Relationship Manager. The SRM will answer any questions you may have about working with us and confirm it makes sense for both parties to work together.

Once it's determined to be beneficial for both of us to work together, we'll begin the simple implementation process:

  • We'll complete all of the required paperwork to establish a purchase account with your business
  • We'll get your account set up in our online vendor portal and give you a short tutorial on how to use the simple online system
  • You'll need to determine what materials you will add to the Blue Fetch online store. These should be materials that are typically in stock and available right away since we are geared towards on-demand, same day delivery.
  • We will need to work together to set up inventory management in our system. We have developers that can automate this process to make it easier for everyone. If automation is not possible, our techs can manually load the initial inventory information into our system. From there, it will be simple for you to make pricing updates as needed.

And that's it! From there, you will start receiving notifications if an order is routed to your location. Feel free to reach out to your SRM at any time for all questions or concerns.

how do you start working with us
what does blue fetch look for in a partner

What does Blue Fetch look for in a partner?

Providing contractors and builders with an unparalleled customer experience is what we strive for. We look for partners that share this philosophy when it comes to customer service.

Fast and accurate delivery of building materials to our customers can only be achieved by teaming with suppliers that communicate and fulfill orders quickly.

Due To Popular Demand!

Blue Fetch Courier Service is now available for our vendor partners to supplement their current delivery capabilities. Make requests and receive immediate courier quotes, track delivery progress, and view drop-off photos all within your vendor portal!

Blue Fetch drivers are equipped with a variety of vehicle types and trailers to handle all of your delivery needs. We offer Same day in-town or scheduled long haul services.

due to popular demand!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Blue Fetch is an online delivery service for construction materials. We partner with local building materials suppliers to bring contractors, tradesmen, builders, and laborers what they need to knock out jobs faster.

Absolutely not. We offer our platform's ecommerce capabilities to our partners completely free of charge.

No, Blue Fetch has a web-based vendor portal where you will receive orders, confirm item availability, and update inventory. Additionally, you'll be able request courier quotes and track statuses through this web portal.

Absolutely. You can request a courier through our web portal and a driver will be routed to you. Real time status updates of courier deliveries will keep you in the know!